Types of Gutter Guards

P1100448 344 800 650 80Gutter guards are installed to help keep away debris that litter and clog your downspouts. There are several different kinds of guards, which affects how they filter debris. The five basic types of gutter guard are:

Reverse Curve

This is designed to let water down into the gutter through the structure's tiny slits while keeping foliage and other debris out. Reverse curve applies the principle of surface tension. So as water sticks to the curved ridge, debris is easily deflected out and into the ground.


This features an offset slanting system that is so created to draw rainwater into the gutter but prevent leaves and other debris from entering. Micro-mesh gutter guard is very effective keeping off even tiny particles like shingle stone.

Sponge Guards

Offers the easiest option of blocking out dirt and leaves from your gutters. They are made of foam or any such material, which is fitted right into the gutter. They are easy to install, work well in curtailing snow and ice accumulation and appear to be the most DIY-friendly of all gutter guards.

Slit Gutter Covers

Slit gutter covers are made of vinyl plastic that are structured to have a reverse curve with one or two accompanying slits along the guard’s length. They guide the rainwater around the curve and to the slits from where it flows into the gutter. Debris and other foliage are thus kept from your gutter.

Metal Screen

These gutter guards are made of heavy gauge steel with uniquely crimped edges that lock into the lips of your gutter. They are the most durable of all guards considering the material they are made of. They therefore do maintain their shape and as such their practicality, season after season.

While this may seem confusing, the gutter guard installation specialists at Weather Armor Gutter Guard, in Lewis Center, Ohio can help you understand your gutter guardoptions.

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