The High Cost of Gutter Maintenance

GutterCleaning WithHeatCables 7-29-600-450-80Gutters play a very important role in the overall structure of your house. They funnel the rainwater from the roof away from the foundation of your house and help prevent water from leaking into your basement. If, however, the gutters are not properly maintained, they could break or clog, rendering them useless. If your gutters stop working, your house faces even more potential damages; therefore, gutter maintenance is crucial. It is recommended that you invest in a gutter guard to avoid the hassle of high maintenance gutters, but if you do not have a gutter guard installed, it is important to keep your gutters as clean as possible.

Gutter Maintenance

There are many factors that decide the cost of your gutter maintenance. If you have a one-story house and a flat roof, this price can range anywhere from $50 - $500. Just remember that keeping your gutter clean is less expensive than fixing gutter repairs, and it should only take about an hour to do the job yourself.

For larger, multi-story houses, the cost can range anywhere from $200 - $1000 and up. Bigger homes generally mean more people, requiring more employees and longer hours of labor. Safety precautions must also be met and proper equipment – which can be costly – must be used.

Maintenance Frequency

There are many factors that determine the correct maintenance schedule of your gutter, but the biggest factor is the weather. If you live in a rainy city, you will need to schedule more frequent maintenance visits compared to a house situated in a dry city. Having a lot of trees around your house can also require you to clean your gutters more often due to the plethora of leaves left behind that can stress and clog your gutter. It is recommended that you install a gutter guard to prevent clogs and costly repairs. Weather Armor Gutter, located in Lewis Center, Ohio, guarantees their quality products and ensures that your gutters will continue to function all year long. 

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