Removing Overhanging Limbs to Prevent Debris Build-Up within Your Gutter System

GutterCleaning WithHeatCables 6 28 600 450 80Nature is one thing people cannot have control over. However, homeowners can control the amount of debris that accumulates in their gutter systems by removing all the overhanging limbs that cause debris to accumulate within the gutters, but no one has time to clean their gutters all the time. Clearing of all overhanginglimbs, and keeping trees trimmed will protect gutters from getting clogged easily. And for extra protection there is always the option of installing a gutter guard system. The professionals at Weather Armor Gutter Guard, in Lewis Center, Ohio would be happy to discuss the right guards for your gutter system. Below are some tips for taking care of those overhanging limbs:

Keep the Area around the House Free of Tall Tree

Trees are a nice addition to any yard, as they make homes look more beautiful, but homeowners have to be careful on the type of tree they plant around their homes. Tall tree with leaves that keep falling should be avoided as they can keep a home’s gutter system clogged.

Prune Overgrown Branches

Tree branches need to be pruned on a regular basis to prevent them from reaching the roof and dropping leaves and dead wood there.

Get a Tree Removal Service

Sometimes homeowners have trees that they want to keep for sentimental values. The fact that these trees drop leaves does not mean they have to be cut down to help prevent the gutter system from clogging up. Getting a tree removal service to help transfer such trees some distance from the house can solve any debris problems. The tree can be moved and replanted some distance away from the house without killing it.

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