Gutterglove® LeafBlaster® Gutter Guards

Weather Armor installs Leafblaster® gutter guards, which not only eliminate your need to clean and maintain your gutters, but also stop rain gutter clogs forever! LeafBlaster® gutter covers have a unique design that filters all debris effectively, without piling it up on top or making its way into the gutter.

LeafBlaster® gutter guards fit on all styles of gutters and are compatible with any type of roofing. LeafBlaster® gutter protection is barely noticeable from the ground, avoiding that gaudy look that other brands present.


LeafBlaster® Construction

LeafBlaster® contains three parts to its unique design, including a front anodized aluminum drip edge, a type 316 stainless steel V-Bend mesh filter, and a rain syphon control strip. These unique elements perform to superior quality and bring superior results.

The front anodized aluminum drip edge consists of anodized aluminum, which provides added protection against the elements of weather, as well as allowing contact with copper. The anodized aluminum oxide surface is corrosion resistant and extremely durable.

The type 316 stainless steel V-Bend mesh filter is corrugated and built to provide durability and strength, allowing it to handle itself without any added costs of support components. It has the capability of handling over 150 inches of rain in an hour, without breaking down or falling into the gutter! Anodized aluminum is used everywhere in the world because it is extremely durable for commercial use, as well as being environmentally friendly to construct.

LeafBlaster installed by Weather Armor will do the following:

  • Eliminate gutter cleaning
  • Eliminate gutter clogs forever
  • Fit on any roof type
  • Fit on any gutter type
  • Prevent gutter collapses
  • Withstand heavy debris attacks
  • Filter more than 150 inches of rain per hour
  • Maintain the proper pitch over time
  • Never droop into the gutter while still being intact
  • Never collapse to being inside the gutter
  • Outlast all competitors

LeafBlaster is available in the following models:

  • LeafBlaster Standard

Fits: 2” to 5.5” gutters

  • LeafBlaster Super

Fits: 5” to 7” gutters



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