LeafFilter Gutter Guards

LeafFilter gutter guards use a fine mesh filter on top of a plastic frame that fits onto a gutter. In replacing these systems with Gutterglove we have noticed the following issues:

  • the plastic frame warps, buckles and cracks
  • the system has a tendency to clog up at the valleys
  • LeafFilter caulks the joints which then does not hold up once it starts to warp
  • The fine mesh filter is very often dislodged from the frame

Here are some pictures of LeafFilter systems we have encountered:

Leaf Filter - Extrusion warping  Mesh bubbling up

In this picture the plastic frame is buckling and the mesh is starting to come loose.







Leaf Filter - Extrusion warped 1

Here the mesh has already come completely loose and you can see how the frame is buckling and a significant gap is opening up.






Leaf Filter - Mesh blown out

You can see the mesh dangling down from the corner of this house. It certainly does not do much good like this!






leaffilter-algaeReps from the inventor of LeafFilter said that algae would not grow on the mesh or plastic frame. This photo would suggest they did not do their research.

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