How to Unclog Downspouts

2467-101413-gs2467Most homeowners know that it’s very important to maintain their homes roof, gutters and downspouts. This is because lack of maintenance could lead to other serious problems that are harder to solve. One of the areas that need regular inspection is the downspouts. Whenever a waterspout becomes clogged, the water backs up making the gutters overflow.

When the gutters overflow, water may back up, causing roof leakages as well as damage to your homes foundation. This is disastrous to you as a home owner. Therefore, to avoid all this stress, maintain your gutter well. In case of clogging, here is how to unclog your downspouts.

Use a Ladder to Clean the Gutter and Downspouts

This is the first step to unclogging the downspouts. Using a ladder, climb to the roof of your house and remove all the debris available in the downspout. However, if the downspout is connected to an underground pipe, first remove the pipe to ensure the debris being removed does not end up getting stuck in it. Do not use your bare hands to remove the debris, wear gloves to avoid injuries.

Insert a Hose into the Downspout

If there is too much debris, it’s advisable to insert a hose from both sides of the downspout one at a time. Insert the downspout from the bottom of the spout and turn it on fully, then do the same from the top of the spout. This should remove the debris, but if  the debris is still there, look at the next step.

Disassemble the Downspout

Disassembling the downspout is the last way to unclog the debris that might be remaining in the bends. Remove the screws that hold it together, and then clear the remaining clogs. After this, reassemble the gutters and rinse them. Your downspouts should now be free from clogs.

If these tips don't get your downspouts clear, give the professionals at Weather Guard in Lewis Center a call!

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