How Often Should I Replace a Gutter?

4417-101413-gs4417Taking care of your house can include a long list of complicated tasks, especially if you are unaware of all the parts of your home that need to be regularly maintained and parts that need to be replaced. Gutters, for example, are an area of the home that are often ignored or delayed by homeowners when it comes to replacing, but this can be a very costly mistake. It is important to maintain your gutter system in order to prevent expensive and irreparable damage to your home; however, you may be wondering how often you need to replace your gutter to avoid future repairs.

Replace if there is any leaking

Gutters need to be replaced if they start leaking or if they look “saggy” or worn out. Leaked water can spread to other parts of the home, such as the walls and the basement. If this happens, the affected areas are highly susceptible to mold; the foundation can also begin to crack, causing further damage. Functioning gutters are essential to the overall health of your home.

Check for rust and cracking

Depending on the material your gutter is made from, another cause of concern is rust. Not only can this be an eyesore, but it also affects your gutter system’s ability to function properly. This is a common problem for metallic gutters, especially those made of galvanized steel. Copper gutters tend to more durable when it comes to rusting. Gutters made from redwood can develop cracks over time which compromises the integrity and requires a replacement.

It is always best to consult a professional if you have any questions or concerns. Weather Armor Gutter in Lewis Center, OH, can help you determine if your gutters need replacing. A gutter guard is highly recommended and theirs comes with a lifetime guarantee. Installing a gutter guard significantly cuts down on maintenance time; you can rest assured knowing that your gutter system is working properly and that your home is safe from resulting damages.

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