Gutterglove® ULTRA Gutter Guards Columbus Ohio

The Ultra System Is The High Performance Gutter Guard System in central and the rest of Ohio.

Weather Armor installs Gutterglove Ultra gutter covers, which filter out all debris and prevent anything from entering your gutters except water, and ensure you NEVER have a clog again! These gutter guards are barely visible from the ground and fit any type of gutter. Gutter Ultra covers can also fit any type of roof.  This premium gutter guard can handle over 150 inches of rain per hour! Typically, that means it can handle any storm that comes its way!

Gutterglove® Ultra Construction

Gutter Ultra protectors contain 2 parts, making them premium, high performance gutter guards. This includes both a stainless steel mesh (type 316) and an aluminum channel with perforations. The enhanced design slides right underneath the roof shingles and fits snug into the gutter lip. This high quality gutter protection system also features anodized aluminum channels to increase protection against the natural elements in the environment. It adapts to coming in contact with copper gutters as well. Anodized aluminum is used across the globe because of its durability and is one of the safer options for the environment during the manufacturing process. Anodized aluminum doesn’t produce any hazardous by-products.

Gutter Ultra’s stainless steel mesh is very durable and super strong since it is a type 316 stainless steel. This type of steel is also resistant to corrosion, especially in cracks and crevices.  It provides high level of stress resistance and is very strong. Often, type 316 is used in marine applications, as well as in the commercial industry. Because the strength and durability is so strong, as well as the unique filtration system, Gutter Ultra gutter covers can handle up to 150 inches of rain per hour!

Gutterglove Ultra gutter covers installed by Weather Armor will do the following:

  • Prevent gutter collapses
  • Withstand heavy debris attacks
  • Maintains the proper pitch over time
  • Outlasts all competitors
  • Will never droop into the gutter while still being intact
  • Will never collapse to being inside the gutter

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