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No. As Gutterglove fits under the last row of shingles and on top of the gutter it does not affect the integrity of your roof at all.

Gutterglove is installed by our professionaly trained and experienced installers. They have all the correct tools and the knowledge and experience to handle any situation including valleys, inside miters, outside miters, end-caps and high water volume areas.

Gutterglove sits on top of your existing gutter and has a very low profile - unlike the reverse curve systems that are very noticeable.

Gutterglove is made from the best materials available. We have the strongest thickest frame available and the mesh is made from high quality stainless steel.

The unique design simply does not allow any debris large enough to get into the gutter so there is no way it can clog. That is why we are able to offer out NO CLOG Money-back Guarantee.

Gutterglove offers a NO CLOG or you MONEYBACK Guarantee. Many of our competitors will tell you that they also offer a "No Clog" guarantee BUT your remedy is to get them out to clean your gutters at their convenience!  

The mesh can handle way over 150 inches of hourly rainfall as has been tested in numerous experiments.

Yes, this is true of many gutter guards. However, this debris will not get stuck but will be washed or blown off the roof and any water will simply flow under the debris and into the gutter.

That's easy, install Gutterglove! Keeping debris out of your gutter is the best way to avoid any clogs and no system does this better than Gutterglove.

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