Weather Armor Gutter

Weather Armor Gutter

Wednesday, 11 February 2015 10:40


Ruth in Cleveland, Ohio
We saw Gutterglove from Weather Armor on TV and are very impressed with the quality of the product. We have had it for years and never had to clean our gutters again.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015 10:39


Bob in Columbus, OH
I am so impressed with the quality of installation. We had our job installed in a day and never had a problem.

Comp 4 61 600 450 80Gutters are interconnected troughs lined along the edges of a roof. Their primary function is to channel water away from the roof and home in a controlled manner. The down spout is curved at the end to ensure that the water angles outward and away from the foundation of a home.

Proper gutter maintenance is crucial if you wish to avoid high cost repairs. Because clogged gutters are extremely detrimental to your home, it is highly recommended that you install a gutter guard like those offered by Weather Armor in Lewis Center, OH. Their gutter guards are guaranteed to keep gutters free of clogs for a lifetime.

If, however, you do not have a gutter guard installed, it is very important to clean your gutters regularly to avoid issues such as foundation damage, leaking, mold, and rotting wood.

Foundation Damage

We know that the purpose of gutters is to keep water from pooling around the foundation of a home; therefore, if a gutter becomes clogged, they will not be able to efficiently redirect the excess amount of water away from the home. The adjacent soil will become overly saturated while water seeps underneath the foundation, putting pressure on the side of the home; over time, this can cause the basement or lower walls to crack or push inward.


When snow and water sit on the roof for an extended amount of time, especially during the winter, it puts pressure on the roof which can cause leaks. Because clogged gutters also compromise the foundation of a home, basement leaks are very common in situations where gutters were not immediately repaired.


Mold thrives in moist, warm areas; because clogged gutters can cause leaks and floods, they create the perfect environment for mold and mildew. It is important to repair clogged gutters before they cause water damage that will promote the growth of mold and mildew.

Rotting Wood

For the same reasons clogged gutters promote mold, they also cause wood to rot due to the excess amount of water that isn’t being properly drained. If you allow your gutters to remain clogged for too long, you will have an extremely expensive home repair bill.

Because clogged gutters can cause foundation damage, leaking, mold, and rotting wood, it makes sense to install a gutter guard for a one time, low cost price to avoid high cost damages down the road. The best part is that you won’t ever need to waste time cleaning your gutters again. Weather Armor’s gutter guards are guaranteed to keep your gutters free of clogs.

Comp 3 Outside Miter 60 600 450 80Gutters play a major role in protecting your home against water damage. Water that accumulates on your roof needs to have a way of being drained without getting into the walls or the foundation of the house. Effective water drainage starts with a gutter system thatproperly collects all the water being dispensed onto your roof. However, gutters are exposed to falling leaves and other debris, which can leave them clogged and not functioning like they should. That’s why gutter guards are an important part of protecting your gutter system with gutter guards. Below are the available gutter options offered by Weather Armor Gutter Guard, in Lewis Center, Ohio, who can discuss installation and care of gutter guards.

Gutterglove Pro

Gutterglove Pro is a 2-part system, including a type 316 stainless steel mesh and a perforated aluminum channel. When these guards are installed over your gutter it will prevent clogging and debris build-up, allowing water to flow freely and avoid overflowing.

Gutterglove Ultra

Like the Pro version, Gutterglove Ultra is a 2-part system, including a type 316 stainless steel mesh and a perforated aluminum channel. However, the mesh is a bit thinner, there is slightly less screen area, and a corrugated mesh. While it is still a very effective gutter guard system, it is designed to be a system designed for customers with a more limited budget. It still filters all the rain water, and prevents any dirt from clogging the system.

Gutterglove IceBreaker

These gutter guards share a similar design with the Pro and Ultra versions. The mail difference is that these gutter guards is that inside there is a Nuheat heated cable system that is designed to melt ice that comes in contact with your gutter system. 

Gutterglove LeafBlaster

These gutter guards are designed to keep larger debris from clogging your gutters. These are perfect for someone who has a lot of overhanging trees.

GutterCleaning WithHeatCables 6 28 600 450 80Nature is one thing people cannot have control over. However, homeowners can control the amount of debris that accumulates in their gutter systems by removing all the overhanging limbs that cause debris to accumulate within the gutters, but no one has time to clean their gutters all the time. Clearing of all overhanginglimbs, and keeping trees trimmed will protect gutters from getting clogged easily. And for extra protection there is always the option of installing a gutter guard system. The professionals at Weather Armor Gutter Guard, in Lewis Center, Ohio would be happy to discuss the right guards for your gutter system. Below are some tips for taking care of those overhanging limbs:

Keep the Area around the House Free of Tall Tree

Trees are a nice addition to any yard, as they make homes look more beautiful, but homeowners have to be careful on the type of tree they plant around their homes. Tall tree with leaves that keep falling should be avoided as they can keep a home’s gutter system clogged.

Prune Overgrown Branches

Tree branches need to be pruned on a regular basis to prevent them from reaching the roof and dropping leaves and dead wood there.

Get a Tree Removal Service

Sometimes homeowners have trees that they want to keep for sentimental values. The fact that these trees drop leaves does not mean they have to be cut down to help prevent the gutter system from clogging up. Getting a tree removal service to help transfer such trees some distance from the house can solve any debris problems. The tree can be moved and replanted some distance away from the house without killing it.

5309 101413 gs5309Gutters have gained a lot of popularity in the recent past, and many people are using them to capture fresh rain water whenever it rains. However, the effectiveness of the gutters entirely depends on how well they are installed. Improper installation makes them fall off very easily and eventually get damaged.

Furthermore, gutters that have not been installed properly catch debris, giving home owners a headache. It is wise to say that you should not install gutters on your own because they might not work as expected. Below are tips on how to choose the right company that will make collecting rainwater from your gutters easier.


There are so many amateur companies purporting to have enough experience to install gutters for you. When choosing a company or any professional to install your gutters, consider how long have they been in the industry. This is a good idea because someone who has been installing knows the best way to assemble the gutters to ensure that they do not fall, do not collect debris and allow easy movement of water. This will save you maintenance costs.

Cost Effectiveness

This is also another critical issue you should look at before choosing a gutter installation company. Some companies tend to overcharge for their services. Before picking the company to install your gutters, compare the prices of different companies. Choose a company that delivers quality installation work at low costs.


Gutter installation is a process that should only be handled by professionals. Try to inquire from people who have worked with the company you want to choose and hear their views about how their job was done. A good company is one that tests all the gutters to ensure that they are in optimal condition before they leave your premises. They should also be insured and licensed. Weather Armor of Ohio exceeds all these standards and are ready to help you with all your gutter installation needs.

Friday, 26 December 2014 15:43

Types of Gutter Guards

P1100448 344 800 650 80Gutter guards are installed to help keep away debris that litter and clog your downspouts. There are several different kinds of guards, which affects how they filter debris. The five basic types of gutter guard are:

Reverse Curve

This is designed to let water down into the gutter through the structure's tiny slits while keeping foliage and other debris out. Reverse curve applies the principle of surface tension. So as water sticks to the curved ridge, debris is easily deflected out and into the ground.


This features an offset slanting system that is so created to draw rainwater into the gutter but prevent leaves and other debris from entering. Micro-mesh gutter guard is very effective keeping off even tiny particles like shingle stone.

Sponge Guards

Offers the easiest option of blocking out dirt and leaves from your gutters. They are made of foam or any such material, which is fitted right into the gutter. They are easy to install, work well in curtailing snow and ice accumulation and appear to be the most DIY-friendly of all gutter guards.

Slit Gutter Covers

Slit gutter covers are made of vinyl plastic that are structured to have a reverse curve with one or two accompanying slits along the guard’s length. They guide the rainwater around the curve and to the slits from where it flows into the gutter. Debris and other foliage are thus kept from your gutter.

Metal Screen

These gutter guards are made of heavy gauge steel with uniquely crimped edges that lock into the lips of your gutter. They are the most durable of all guards considering the material they are made of. They therefore do maintain their shape and as such their practicality, season after season.

While this may seem confusing, the gutter guard installation specialists at Weather Armor Gutter Guard, in Lewis Center, Ohio can help you understand your gutter guardoptions.

Friday, 31 October 2014 15:41

Landscaping to Hide a Downspout

268 101413 gs0268Many homes have downspouts which are more of an eyesore than anything when it comes to the appearance of the lawn and garden area. More often than not, downspouts are installed for functionality and for effectiveness, as opposed to enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space. With this said, you don't have to deal with this eyesore, and with a few simple decorating and gardening tips, can create a great looking outdoor space, without anyone having to see that unsightly downspout.

Consider a Replacement

Sometimes you may think hiding the downspout is the only solution, but this isn't the case. In fact there are many decorative rain chains you can purchase that are just as effective, and will enhance the appearance of the yard. Metal downspouts can also be treated in order to create a decorative pattern. So, if they are ready to be replaced, or if you want the functionality of the downspout, consider replacing, rather than simply covering it up. Weather Armor of Ohio are experts in guiding you to choose the perfect downspout.

Go With Vines

Petite vines that cover your walls are also a great solution to an unsightly downspout. With different patterns, unique and colorful vines, and even fruit covered vines such as blueberry, there are many decorative changes you can make, without having to replace the downspout all together.

Blend It In

You can always find a way to blend the downspout into the home, and in the outdoor decorative style you are going for. If there is room for a small pond outside the home, let the downspout lead into it. Place a bucket or basin below it, and allow water to flow in to a decorative pot. Regardless of what you do, a creative trail will look far better than the freestanding downspout.

Just because you have a piece of metal off the side of your home doesn't mean it has to detract from the beauty and decor. A few simple changes or additions can go a long way in blending the downspout in to your outdoor decor and garden scheme.

Friday, 24 October 2014 15:38

How Often Should Gutters Be Replaced?

P1100444 342 800 650 80Gutters form an essential part of every home and in the case that they need maintenance or replacement, it should be done immediately. This is because if they fail, major destruction may happen to the house’s foundation. A high quality and properly installed gutter should last between 20 to 40 years before being replaced.

However, 20-40 years can only be achieved if proper maintenance procedures are observed by the home owners. Many home owners often ask when gutters should be replaced, and the answer to this question depends on many factors. The experts are of the view that 20 years is the appropriate time period. Below are some of the factors that may require gutters to be replaced earlier than expected.

Type of Material

The material your gutters are made of may require you to replace them time after time. This is because gutters made of low quality materials tend to develop more problems very early. Some of the problems include rust, leakages and detachment from the roof. If your gutter develops these problems, then you will have to replace them at that time.

Weather Conditions

Sometimes where you live dictates how often your gutters are going to be replaced. If you live in a stormy area, that may mean that your gutters will detach themselves from the roof much earlier than expected. This means that you would need to replace them with new ones more often compared to someone who lives in a calm area.


Some of us clean our gutters more often to ensure that they are in good condition. It’s good to survey your roof after every rainy day and see if there are any detachments or any sagging. If there is, then call for a repair immediately. On the other hand, there are those that do not bother checking the condition of their gutters until it's too late. If you are this type, then it may be required for you to replace gutters frequently, while the latter will have more time before replacing theirs.

When the time comes to replace or repair your gutters, call Weather Armor of Ohio.

P1100441 341 800 650 80A very common mistake many homeowners tend to make these days is that they overlook the importance of having a fully functional gutter system in place for the rain water to drain properly. Gutters are designed to protect the exterior walls, as well as to prevent foundation and siding damage. Faulty gutters can lead to water infiltration into the walls of your home, and can cause significant damage. This can then weaken the entire structure of your home. Strong and functional gutters are essential for every homeowner who wants peace of mind, and who also wants to save a lot of time, money and trouble later on.Below are tips for keeping your gutters functioning properly:

Have Your Gutters Professionally Inspected On A Yearly Basis

Gutter inspection may not sound like a difficult chore, but the truth is that only a skilled professional can spot even the slightest flaws in your guttering systems.It is these little flaws that can lead to substantial damage later on. The sooner you can fix the problem the better because water damage can cost you a lot more in repairs. You can avoid paying more to repair water damage to your home by preventing the damage from occurring in the first place with annual gutter inspections.

Install a Gutter Guard System to Avoid Gutter Clogs

If you have not installed gutter guards to protect your gutters, then now is the perfect time to consider it. Gutter guards involve little to no maintenance, other than the occasional check for debris covering the outer guard cover. Durable, reliable and very easy to install, gutter guards will increase the effectiveness of your gutters by preventing debris buildup in the gutters. The professional gutter guard installers at Weather Armor Gutter Guards, in Lewis Center, Ohio, can assist you in keeping your gutter system functioning by finding and installing the gutter guard system that is right for your home.

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