GutterCleaning WithHeatCables 2-24-600-450-80When it comes to home maintenance, cleaning your gutters should be a top priority. The primary function of a gutter is to drain excess rainwater from your roof, ensuring that it does not flood the foundation of your home. Deciding to put off gutter maintenance can be a costly mistake, but it can be difficult to find the time to properly clean a gutter yourself. It is recommended that you hire a professional who will be able to install a gutter protection system. There are many benefits to hiring a professional to do this job for you.

1. A professional will be equipped with the right tools, training, and experience to perform the task quickly and efficiently. It is a good idea to allow a professional to do what they do best, unless you are very familiar with gutter systems and have experience in this area.

2. A professional will be able to inspect all aspects of your gutter system, such as downspouts and proper pitch, and they are much better trained to spot problems that may not be obvious to the average homeowner.

3. Convenience and peace of mind. The moment you hire a professional, you can rest assured knowing that your gutters will be cleaned properly and will ensure a functioning system all year long.

4. The high cost of gutter maintenance. It is very easy, and all too common, for small problems to become big problems. If you do not fix gutter issues right away, or you are unable to diagnose the issue, you can end up paying twice as much—or much more—for the repairs. Paying once to get the job done right is better than paying double in the long run.

There are many benefits to hiring a well-trained professional to properly clean and maintain your gutter. Weather Armor Gutter, located in Lewis Center, Ohio, offers quality products, such as the Gutter Glove, at affordable prices; you can rest assured knowing the work is being handled by skilled professionals.

How to Avoid Clogged Gutters

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110-1113tm-vector2-997If you are under the impression that a few twigs or leaves in your gutters won’t cause any damage, then you are in for an unpleasant surprise. The most important thing when it comes to avoiding big and costly home repairs is regularly cleaning and maintaining your gutters. Here are a few tips to help you keep your gutters free of clogs.

Regular Maintenance is Key

The most effective method of preventing clogged gutters is through bi-annual cleaning. Although many homeowners plan to clean their gutters once in the fall and once in the spring, they usually do not do so when the time comes. Gutter cleaning is not always easy, which is why you may want to hire a professional to do the job for you. A professional will also be able to suggest a maintenance program that matches each customer’s needs. Weather Armor in Columbus, Ohio offers professional Gutter Guard installation and guarantees that their product will keep your gutters clog-free.

Proper Slope is Very Important

Slope plays a critical role in your gutter systems’ overall health. The right pitch allows water to slope downhill as opposed to pooling, which will eventually cause issues. As a homeowner, it is important to ask a gutter installer to show you how to check for proper pitch and how to examine the downspouts.

Be Proactive

It is very important that you immediately address any damage that occurs to your gutters. Although you may be tempted to delay repairs to off put costs, you may incur a much higher cost if you decide to wait. The truth is, if you do not repair a small problem immediately, it is very likely to cause more damage to your gutter, thus being much more expensive to fix. There are basic maintenance practices that you can perform yourself and these include visually inspecting your gutter system as often as possible.

The number one cause of basement water problems is clogged gutters. When your gutters are clogged, the water from the roof will overflow and collect around the foundation of your home. If you allow this to happen for a long period of time before fixing the issue, it will only be a matter of time before a basement leaks occur.

Landscaping to Hide a Downspout

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268 101413 gs0268Many homes have downspouts which are more of an eyesore than anything when it comes to the appearance of the lawn and garden area. More often than not, downspouts are installed for functionality and for effectiveness, as opposed to enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space. With this said, you don't have to deal with this eyesore, and with a few simple decorating and gardening tips, can create a great looking outdoor space, without anyone having to see that unsightly downspout.

Consider a Replacement

Sometimes you may think hiding the downspout is the only solution, but this isn't the case. In fact there are many decorative rain chains you can purchase that are just as effective, and will enhance the appearance of the yard. Metal downspouts can also be treated in order to create a decorative pattern. So, if they are ready to be replaced, or if you want the functionality of the downspout, consider replacing, rather than simply covering it up. Weather Armor of Ohio are experts in guiding you to choose the perfect downspout.

Go With Vines

Petite vines that cover your walls are also a great solution to an unsightly downspout. With different patterns, unique and colorful vines, and even fruit covered vines such as blueberry, there are many decorative changes you can make, without having to replace the downspout all together.

Blend It In

You can always find a way to blend the downspout into the home, and in the outdoor decorative style you are going for. If there is room for a small pond outside the home, let the downspout lead into it. Place a bucket or basin below it, and allow water to flow in to a decorative pot. Regardless of what you do, a creative trail will look far better than the freestanding downspout.

Just because you have a piece of metal off the side of your home doesn't mean it has to detract from the beauty and decor. A few simple changes or additions can go a long way in blending the downspout in to your outdoor decor and garden scheme.

How Often Should Gutters Be Replaced?

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P1100444 342 800 650 80Gutters form an essential part of every home and in the case that they need maintenance or replacement, it should be done immediately. This is because if they fail, major destruction may happen to the house’s foundation. A high quality and properly installed gutter should last between 20 to 40 years before being replaced.

However, 20-40 years can only be achieved if proper maintenance procedures are observed by the home owners. Many home owners often ask when gutters should be replaced, and the answer to this question depends on many factors. The experts are of the view that 20 years is the appropriate time period. Below are some of the factors that may require gutters to be replaced earlier than expected.

Type of Material

The material your gutters are made of may require you to replace them time after time. This is because gutters made of low quality materials tend to develop more problems very early. Some of the problems include rust, leakages and detachment from the roof. If your gutter develops these problems, then you will have to replace them at that time.

Weather Conditions

Sometimes where you live dictates how often your gutters are going to be replaced. If you live in a stormy area, that may mean that your gutters will detach themselves from the roof much earlier than expected. This means that you would need to replace them with new ones more often compared to someone who lives in a calm area.


Some of us clean our gutters more often to ensure that they are in good condition. It’s good to survey your roof after every rainy day and see if there are any detachments or any sagging. If there is, then call for a repair immediately. On the other hand, there are those that do not bother checking the condition of their gutters until it's too late. If you are this type, then it may be required for you to replace gutters frequently, while the latter will have more time before replacing theirs.

When the time comes to replace or repair your gutters, call Weather Armor of Ohio.

P1100441 341 800 650 80A very common mistake many homeowners tend to make these days is that they overlook the importance of having a fully functional gutter system in place for the rain water to drain properly. Gutters are designed to protect the exterior walls, as well as to prevent foundation and siding damage. Faulty gutters can lead to water infiltration into the walls of your home, and can cause significant damage. This can then weaken the entire structure of your home. Strong and functional gutters are essential for every homeowner who wants peace of mind, and who also wants to save a lot of time, money and trouble later on.Below are tips for keeping your gutters functioning properly:

Have Your Gutters Professionally Inspected On A Yearly Basis

Gutter inspection may not sound like a difficult chore, but the truth is that only a skilled professional can spot even the slightest flaws in your guttering systems.It is these little flaws that can lead to substantial damage later on. The sooner you can fix the problem the better because water damage can cost you a lot more in repairs. You can avoid paying more to repair water damage to your home by preventing the damage from occurring in the first place with annual gutter inspections.

Install a Gutter Guard System to Avoid Gutter Clogs

If you have not installed gutter guards to protect your gutters, then now is the perfect time to consider it. Gutter guards involve little to no maintenance, other than the occasional check for debris covering the outer guard cover. Durable, reliable and very easy to install, gutter guards will increase the effectiveness of your gutters by preventing debris buildup in the gutters. The professional gutter guard installers at Weather Armor Gutter Guards, in Lewis Center, Ohio, can assist you in keeping your gutter system functioning by finding and installing the gutter guard system that is right for your home.

Improving the Look of Your Gutters

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GuttergloveUltra AslphatShingle A 1-105-600-450-80Gutters and gutter guards are a very important feature of your house. Without the gutters you would probably have a lot of water problems around your home. Many people, however; do not think that gutters are very important and they forget about them, which is why you find that very many gutters look neglected and worn out. When the gutters are neglected they stop functioning properly, and this may water damage to your home. In order to make your gutters look new again there are a couple of things that you can do. They include:

- Painting. When the gutters have been left out in the sun for so long, they may start to lose their color. Painting the gutters will help restore them to their former state and they will look brand new. Before you paint the gutters you have to ensure that they are well polished. The paint peelings that were initially there ought to be removed so that the painting can be done properly. After you are done you will be happy with what you see.

- Cleaning. One of the main reasons why our gutters get old quickly and lose their nice appearance is the lack of proper or, at times, even no cleaning. When you fail to clean the gutters, dirt, leaves, and other substances accumulate inside the gutter and may rot there. As they collect in your gutters and rot, they block the gutters and may even cause rust if very serious. Ensure that you clean the gutters properly and remove all the dirt that is inside. If the cleaning is done properly the gutters will look brand new.

- Replace Old and Worn Out Parts. Some parts of the gutters in your home may be too old or broken. Replace these parts with new ones because if the old and damaged parts of the gutter are left there, it will be almost impossible to change the look of the gutters.

Another way to help your gutters continue to look wonderful while keeping your home safe is to use gutter guards like those provided by Weather Armor in Columbus, Ohio—these guards keep debris from building up in your gutters and support your entire gutter system.

IceBreaker AsphaltShingle 2-35-600-450-80There are many things that you can do to maintain your gutters by yourself, so it’s not a necessity to talk to the experts for simple maintenance services. Gutter maintenance and gutter guards are very important because they helps to keep your gutter working fine all the time, and maintenance should be done on a regular basis. It is very easy to forget that gutters are even there, especially if they don’t show any problems, so many people notice their gutters only after they start needing repairs. If you are one of those people, here are quick repair options for your gutters:

1. Find a ladder.

Find a nice ladder that will help you reach the gutters. Only use a ladder that will allow you do your repair work without the risk of falling down. Falling will not only hurt you, but can hurt anyone else that is around when you fall.

2. Remove decomposed leaves and debris.

If you do not clean your gutter on a regular basis, it is highly likely that they are clogged with decomposing leaves and debris, in fact, even soil can also be present in the gutters. These materials not only clog the gutters but they also make them sag because of increased weight, and these blockages prevent proper flow of water down the drain.

3. Fasten the gutters.

Once all the dirt has been removed, fasten the gutter. It is a good idea to use new gutter spikes. Do not put the spikes in the old holes because the old holes may have widened with time and may not be able to hold them tight.

4. Check for leaks.

Carefully inspect the gutters to see if there are any leaks. Use bead silicon or any other materials to seal up the holes that allow leakage.

With these simple steps, you will able to carry out quick repairs on your gutters. These are things that can be done using simple tools that you probably already have in your home.

To protect your gutters from future wear and tear, consider using gutter guards like those from Weather Armor in Columbus, Ohio, to block the debris that would otherwise fall into your gutters.

IceBreaker AsphaltShingle 6-39-600-450-80One of the best ways of preventing water damage is by ensuring that your roof is always in good condition. Gutter guards can help you do this by reducing the amount of debris that accumulates in your gutter. However, this does not mean that you should not regularly clean your roof after installation. Over time, debris will accumulate on your roof and affect the durability and functionality of your roofing materials. Also, you should clean the downspouts regularly as the guards are not capable of making them immune to all sort of debris.

So, what kind of gutters should you install?

The answer to this question is better answered after reviewing the various types of gutter guards in the market. Here is a briefly outlook on the various types:

Nylon Gutter Guards

This are made from high quality nylon material. They are an ideal choice for usage during winter as they are quite effective in preventing ice and snow accumulation. One can easily fix them into the gutter without necessarily attaching them to shingles.

Bottle Brush Guards

These have unique pokey bristles that resemble those used to prevent birds from landing on statues. The main difference is that the bristles prevent debris from resting on the gutter. That is, debris rests on top as the water flows into the downspout.

Reverse Curve Gutter

This type of gutter guard is designed to facilitate downward flow of water into the gutter thorough a tiny slip. They also force debris such as leaves to fall to the ground.

Mesh Gutter Guards

These are made from quality mesh sheets that have numerous holes. The sheet completely covers the gutter and should be attached to the roof shingles. If you decide to buy them, go for those that have small holes as they do not clog easily like large holed meshes.

Non-Gutter Cover Guards

These are basically thin louvers that are used instead of gutters. Their main role is to divert rain water off the roof.

Foam Gutter Guards

This type is made from a plastic material that blocks all sort of debris from falling from the roof into the gutter. During the installation process, it should be fitted directly into the gutter.

Choose gutter guards that fit well on existing gutters and effectively prevent buildup of debris, and consult with a professional, like Weather Armor in Columbus, Ohio, to find the right guard for your home.

Common Parts of a Gutter

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Most buildings have some form of gutter and gutter guard attached at roof level to efficiently deal with rainwater runoff and get the water down to the ground without it causing problems. There are a few styles that can be used, although most are made up of the same basic components. For those that are interested, the most common parts of a gutter are:

Gutter Pieces

These are the basic lengths of trough that are connected to the roof edge to carry the water. They typically come in short lengths and are most commonly manufactured of plastic or aluminum.

End Pieces

These are the trough sections placed at the end of a run. At the low end they will have an opening that connects to the downspout, although this is not needed at the high end of a run.

Slip Connector

These are commonly used as a means of connecting two gutter pieces or a gutter and end piece tightly together to prevent leaks. In some systems the joint will be additionally sealed with caulk, though this is not always needed.

End Cap

This fits across the end of a run to contain the water in the gutter. At the low end it also helps to direct water into the downspout.

Inside and Outside Mitre

These are pieces used when a change of direction is required and typically allow the gutter to make a 90 degree turn.


This is the pipe that carries the water down from the roof gutter to a ground level drain or splash block.


A variety of supports are used to securely connect the gutter and downspout to a property. Spikes and ferrules are inserted through gutter pieces to attach them to the wall and strap hangers provide support by connecting them to the roof. A conductor pipe band, which can also be known as a clincher, securely holds the downspout against the wall.

Having gutters professionally installed and maintained is the best way to make sure they are fit for purpose. This is necessary to avoid water causing problems to a building and keeping all the parts identified above in good condition will enable the gutters of your property to work well in clearing water away.

One way to minimize the amount of maintenance of your gutters, as well, is to use a gutter guard like the kind Weather Armor provides for homes in the Columbus, Ohio area, to protect your gutters from getting backed up too easily.

Gutters perform the important task of redirecting the flow of rain water in homes and office sites. When gutters get clogged with debris and falling leaves, it might not be able to perform its function in an effective manner. Due to this, the rain water might seep in to the home interiors leaving a rusty stained look on the sides of the building. 

Gutter Sagging

when the gutters are not cleaned periodically, the leaves and other debris continue to pile up on the gutter. A situation would be reached where the gutter starts to sag due to the weight of the debris. Exposure to constant Heavy rains can also cause the gutter to sag. Gutter sagging can cause the rain water to leak in to the home, particularly at sections where the gutter lines meet. As the gutter continues to sag, there are very high chances of the gutter collapsing and flooding the landscape and also the interiors of the home.

Repairing a Sagging Gutter

The first thing to perform while repairing a gutter that has bent or sagged is to identify the cause of the sag. If the entire metal, vinyl or plastic gutter section had bent, it is better to replace the entire gutter section. Residential gutters are usually made out of metals including Aluminum, steel or Zinc and vinyl and plastic.

When the sagging had just commenced, one has to have a close look at the sagged section from one end to other end. Usually sagging is caused by a damaged hanger or a spike, which is usually used to hold the gutter. In situations where the hangers have been broken or damaged, it can be removed from the roof by using a locking plier and a hammer. After removing the hanger, home owners can then take the help of a gutter repair or roofing professional to install the new hanger. If spikes are used instead of hangers for holding gutters, it would be a good idea to take the help of a gutter repair professional from the time the home owner identifies the gutter sagging problem.

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