About Us

Weather Armor was created from Matt Reeder's extensive experience in the home improvement field, a really personal experience and Matt's passion to have a product that really works. One that both he and his clients can be proud of.


After graduating with a business degree from Wittenberg University, Matt worked in the remodeling industry covering the full spectrum of products. From windows to siding, sun-rooms to doors, roofing to gutters - Matt got involved. The objective was to gather extensive experience and knowledge which he definitely did!

Personal Experience

Matt worked for a gutter guard company for three years and has had many of the gutter guard products available today, installed on both his and his families houses. He therefore has the personal experience to know what works and what does not.

However, the personal experience that really got Matt set on starting his own gutter guard company, was when his father fell off a ladder and broke a couple of ribs while ... you guessed it ... cleaning his gutters!

Matt decided that he would do all he could to prevent other people from this type of accident, by installing the best gutter guard on the planet. He found that product with GutterGlove.

Business Philosophy

Matt's business philosophy is pretty simple - treat people the same way you would like to be treated. Amazing how the simple things and great values can be so successful.

This philosophy also applies to his team and has resulted in him never having to fire an employee. His installers have been with Weather Armor an average for 4 years - pretty impressive for the home improvement industry!

Having installed gutter guards on thousands of homes in Ohio, it is obvious that his clients also appreciate the way he does business. This is reinforced by Weather Armor's by their BBB rating and their ServiceMagic rating.

Matt makes himself accessible and is proud of the fact that you can always deal directly with him, the business owner.

Contact Info

Weather Armor Gutter
397 Venture Ln. B , Lewis Center, OH 43035, Phone: 614 795 4800


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