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We Provide Superior, Dependable Gutter Guard Systems

Here at Weather Armor, we take pride in knowing that you and other valued customers are highly satisfied from receiving dependable, high quality gutter protection that won’t fall off, get damaged, or simply not perform properly. We provide and install superior quality gutter guards from Gutterglove, saving you the time and hassle of caught debris, loose guards, missing guards, fallen guards, and even damaged guards.

Matt Reeder, the founder of Weather Armor, became dissatisfied with the quality of most gutter guards offered by other companies, as well as the products available in stores. His years of home improvement experience led him to cleaning out hundreds of gutters, often with gutter protection in place. Upon witnessing his father falling off a ladder, he vowed to find the best solution to the problem so that you and no one else suffer from the same accident. Matt found Gutterglove, a brand that offered superior performance, excellent dependability, and high satisfaction levels.

Thousands of residents in the Columbus, Ohio area have benefited from our superior service, as well as the various gutter guards we provide from Gutterglove. Our success is exhibited by well satisfied clients with positive reviews and testimonials. We maintain an excellent rating on Angie’s List, BBB and ServiceMagic.


Worry Free, Maintenance Free, Dependable Gutter Guards

We carry Gutterglove gutter protection systems, designed to last a lifetime and eliminate maintenance. Matt was satisfied with the quality and dependability he found in Gutterglove systems and you will be too!

Products Weather Armor installs:

It ensures that seed pods, leaves, dirt, and pine needles NEVER clog your gutters. It also helps with rainwater collection and keeps the gutters clean, forever.

The heat feature melts icicles, ice dams, and snow. It also eliminates the task of cleaning gutters.

It features a superior design that fits on ALL GUTTERS and ALL ROOFS. It helps collect rainwater by filtering all debris and guarantees a clog-free gutter.

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